Budapest Business School

Ако имате симпатии към Унгария и нейната столица Будапеща, то университетът, който ще ви покажа може би ще е част от избора ви за продължаване на образованието. Населението на Будапеща е приблизително 2 милиона души, а градът предлага множество места за забавление и културни посещения като например Кралския дворец, църквата „Свети Матияс“, Националната опера, „Площада на героите“, Музея за изящни изкуства.


   The Budapest Business School is Hungary’s market leading and largest college, educating some 18 000 students. It was established as a result of the Hungarian higher education integration and on 1 January 2000 the three legal predecessors – the College of Commerce, Catering and Tourism (CCCT), the College of International Management and Business  (CIMB), and the College of Finance and Accountancy (CFA) – were merged.BBS

Graduates of the legal predecessor institutions and already of the BBS in the past ten years have become the most widely recognized and the most sought-after experts in the domestic labour market, several of them are prominent personalities of the Hungarian society and economy.

In the academic year 2013-2014 the Budapest Business School offers 12 undergraduate programs (in the case of four programs in foreign languages as well: in English, French, German), 6 post-graduate programs, 21 post-secondary vocational training programs, 48 post-graduate diploma courses, Business Administration doctoral school, and numerous adult education programs to its prospective students.

Bachelor’s Programs

At present, these are the BA/BSc programs:

  • Andragogy
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Business Information Technology
  • Commerce and Marketing (also in English and in German)
  • Communication and Media Science
  • Finance and Accounting (also in English)
  • Human Resources
  • International Business Economics (also in English and in French, double degree programs)
  • International Relations
  • Public Services
  • Teacher Training
  • Tourism and Catering (also in English and in German)

Master’s Programs

BBS students (and graduates from other institutions of higher education) with a Bachelor’s degree can continue their studies by selecting from one of the Master’s programs.

MA/MSc programs offered:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • International Relations (also in English)
  • Marketing
  • Teacher Training
  • Tourism Management (also in English)

Programs run jointly with foreign universities:

MA Programaula

MA in International Business (in English) – run together with Anglia Ruskin University, Ashcroft International Business School, Cambridge

PhD Program 

PhD Program of International Doctorate in Business Studies in English started in September 2010 run jointly with Anglia Ruskin University.

Post Graduate (Second Degree Acquisition) Programs

These programs are meant for those who already have a degree (in business studies or in other fields) but wish to complement their training in some specific areas. BBS offers over 50 specialised programs for those who want to enlarge the scope of their knowledge in the area of marketing, PR, communication, management, etc.

Short-cycle Professional Courses

These are four-semester (two-year) module-based, highly specialised and practice-oriented programs in logistics, advertising, finance, etc. that focus on the demand of the labour market. They lead to a diploma in the specific field of study.

Lifelong Learning 

Today it is usually not enough to rely on knowledge acquired years ago. The Lifelong Learning Centre of BBS offers different forms of training to update professionals in various areas, including on-the-job courses, Master’s programs jointly operated with foreign universities, etc.

Short  Study Course Programmes 

Since the changing environment of business life requires constant updating of the skills and knowledge gained years ago, BBS provides programmes which can meet these demands. BBS and its Colleges therefore offer different forms of training to update professionals in various areas.

Мария Урилска


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