Top 20 universities for producing billionaires

Want to get rich? Well, you should consult this list of universities which have produced the most super-rich graduates



There are plenty of examples of people who have made their millions without ever attending university, but research into the wealthiest people in the world has found that the majority hold at least a bachelor’s degree.

In fact, according to the Wealth-X and UBS Billionaire Census 2014, just 35 per cent of the world’s billionaires have no higher education qualification. Of those that do, 21 per cent have gone on to get an MBA, and 11 per cent hold a PhD.

So with this in mind, which universities are top of the list when it comes to producing billionaires? Most of the top 20 (16, in fact) are in the US. This is not simply because the US has more billionaires resident than any other country – more than a quarter of the billionaire graduates who obtained their bachelor’s degrees from these top US institutions born outside of the United States. The UK boasts just one university in the top 20.

Without further ado, here are the top 20 universities in the world for producing billionaires (and, where applicable, a link to the most relevant Times Higher Education World University Rankings page).

Top 20 universities for producing billionaires

Rank Institution Country Billionaire Undergraduate Alumni
1 University of Pennsylvania United States 25
2 Harvard University United States 22
3 Yale University United States 20
4 University of Southern California United States 16
5 Princeton University United States 14
6 Cornell University United States 14
7 Stanford University United States 14
8 University of California, Berkeley United States 12
9 University Of Mumbai India 12
10 London School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom 11
11 Lomonosov Moscow State University Russia 11
12 University of Texas United States 10
13 Dartmouth College United States 10
14 University of Michigan United States 10
15 New York University United States 9
16 Duke University United States 9
17 Columbia University United States 8
18 Brown University United States 8
19 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States 7
20 ETH Zürich Switzerland 6


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