Study in Austria

The higher education location of Austria unites three very important aspects: a great number of high quality tertiary education institutions in all nine federal provinces, a long academic tradition and an open-minded atmosphere for creativity and innovation. In many areas the Austrian institutions have institutions have accomplished outstanding achievements on an international level and gained high reputation

The Austrian educational system offers you a broad spectrum of educational opportunities, making Austria an ideal place for studying and living.
Please refer to the subsections on the left side to find out more about Austrian Higher Education.

At you can find an overview of all degree courses at all Austrian institutions of Higher Education.

The language of instruction is usually German.

Many institutions, however, also offer courses in other languages, see for further information.

Structure of study programmes

Most universities and universities of applied sciences offer the following:

  • Bachelor’s programmes: 6-8 semesters
  • Master’s programmes: 2-4 semesters
  • Doctoral/PhD programmes: at least 6 semesters.

Moreover, the following is also an option:

  • Diploma programmes: 8-10 semesters
  • Doctoral programmes: 4 semesters.

Academic calendar

The academic year in Austria, as a rule, begins on October 1st and ends on September 30thof the following year.

It consists of two semesters:

  • Winter semester (October 1st to January 30th),
  • Summer semester (March 1st to September 30th)

There are also periods during in which no lectures are held (Christmas, semester and summer breaks). Exceptions to this schedule are possible; please enquire at the educational institution of your choice.)

Recognition of University Degrees

Please have the nostrification (recognition) of your Austrian degree checked in your home country. See for further information.

For more information visit:



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